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How to set up Tickle

  1. Check that everything is in the box. You should have a Raspberry Pi 3 computer, a microSD card, a microSD card adapter, a microUSB cable, an HDMI cable, and a case.
  2. Download the software. You'll need two programs: TickleOS and balenaEtcher (for installing the OS). Download the software here. Remember to unzip the TickleOS zip file.
  3. Put the microSD card in the SD card adapter, and plug that into your computer. Open balenaEtcher, click Select image, then choose tickleos.img (it should be inside the folder where you extracted the ZIP file). Click Flash.
  4. While balenaEtcher is flashing, assemble the case and put it on the Raspberry Pi 3.
  5. Once both things are done, put the microSD card inside the Raspberry Pi 3.
  6. Plug your new Tickle device in using the microUSB cable. Connect the HDMI slot to a display and plug in a mouse and keyboard.
  7. Before you can actually start using Tickle, you'll have to set up a network connection. You can use an Ethernet cable, or click WiFi in the Settings panel to set up a wireless connection.
  8. You're ready to use Tickle. Happy coding!
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Made by Cedric Kim